Here are my favorite and most impactful resources I recommend to all my clients to listen to/watch/read.


This Guided Meditation/Relaxation App is one everyone should have and is free and amazing!

Connection happens when we are present and open to what is possible. I whole-heartedly believe this.

- Christine Andreu

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“The Supreme Gift” was a book that taught me how I could love without the expectation of receiving love in return. I learned that I love because I love. I found peace and resolve in understanding myself clearly through the way I love as a lens. “Seat of the Soul” and “A New Earth” impacted me immensely. I was able to hear for the first time the words that explained some of my personal drama and why I had created them. However, the biggest thing I learned was how to better understand other people. Understanding the deep intricacies of myself through “Seat of the Soul” was everything. Any controllers/perfectionists out there? Oh my, “The Surrender Experiment” helped to unlock that part of me that needed to know the next thing or feeling like I needed to worry about doing everything perfectly. The last book that I will touch on is “Leadership and the New Science.” Have you heard of quantum physics or are a leader looking to better understand the powerful dynamics of your organization? This book combines these two important and relevant topics to shed some amazing light on how we, as leaders, can impact our work space.

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My Favorite Inspiring Videos

I cannot share enough about how important it is to listen to and constantly fill our space with positive and progressive content. I say progressive because I believe that means that it is content that is more than just feel good, but allows new ideas and possible habits to progress you to your next level. These can grow you to Level-Up.

Esther Hicks

Joe Dispenza

Jay Shetty

Ed Mylett

Gary Zukav

Ho’oponopono Healing

Dr. Shefali

Alan Watts

5 Minute Meditation

Oprah Motivation

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